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Know how we help you with a specific business objective and also how we help you carry out a specified business process. Read below & Learn more.

Problem Statement:
– Are you planning on launching new Ad Campaigns? Not sure how to test your campaigns before launching them?
– Worried about the performance and results of your pre and post campaigns?

Our Solution:
– Create short Ad Campaign surveys by inserting images, videos, and audios into each question
– With the help of Whizz Surveys platform, reach out to 2.2 + million customers to distribute your surveys
– View real-time responses in the form of frequencies and charts for quick and reliable insights
– Compare your survey results with simplified data formats in excel

Benefits of integrating with Whizz Surveys:
– Track all your campaign performances in real-time
– Identify the key areas of your ads that would trigger customers in purchasing your products, with the help of the feedback, received from your pre-ad campaigns
– Analyze results and tune-up you campaign directives and designs and derive measurable insights for our 2.2 million + panelists

– Test your brand logo
– Check the pricing models
– Test your website designs
– Test your brand name
– Evaluate brand messages
– Test your product packaging

Problem Statement:
– Have a concept in mind? Want to know the perceptions of your customers, their needs and wants with regards to your products and services?
– Need ideas on pricing, placement, or positioning?

Our Solution:
– Test your new concepts with prospective customers by creating surveys with images and videos based on your questions
– Choose from 12 different question types to create surveys and obtain deeper insights on the needs and wants of your customers
– Test multiple concepts at the same time using image/audio/video inserting options

– Helps you identify the right audience that appeals best to your products and services
– Gives you a hand on your competitors’ products/ideas and helps you understand its impact on your target market and your concepts
– Get valuable insights on pricing, placements, and positioning of your products and services based on the customer feedback driven out of your surveys

Problem Statement:
– Looking for a simple and easy tool to get customer feedback on a regular basis?
– Want to gauge the opinions of your customers on your products/services?

Our Solution:
– Procure quality insights from your customers regularly
– Integrate your website and app with our platform and send customer feedback surveys to your customers directly with ease
– Use any question type from 12 different types to measure customer satisfaction on the various aspects of your products and services

– Collect valuable customer feedback about your product/services and work towards improving the overall customer experience
– Constantly monitor your customers’ opinion to address the concerns of customers on aggregate as well as individually
– Allows you to understand the expectations of customers which in turn will help you make vital decisions with respect to your products/services

Problem Statement:
– New in the business? Want to understand your workplace better?
– Having a hard time getting feedback from employees?
– Want to understand what your employees feel about their work and the workplace?

Our Solution:
– Use our DIY online survey platform as your primary partner for employee feedback
– Collect feedback from your employees using our share-friendly survey links and analyze the data real-time
– Integrate our API and send surveys directly, to your employees through your company CRM

– Understand employees’ perceptions and satisfaction levels individually and overall
– Helps you in constantly improving your workplace by regular feedback surveys
– Gives you solutions to improve in areas of key concerns of your employees


Brand Evaluation is undeniably important for large corporations as well as for small businesses.


Colleting feedback is a must for businesses looking to provide users with products and services.


Advertising costs are an expensive component of marketing, ad testing helps you avoid costly mistakes.


Concept testing is a valuable step to identify perceptions, wants and needs of the market.