Back in the days, a lot of time and money was being wasted in the process of collecting feedback from customers. Also currently, the costs of paper, printing, and postage are all on the rise. But with the emergence of digitization, which has been the new buzz for several years, many businesses are considering shifting to online surveys, as it is one of those drastic developments that transformed pen and paper into online surveys.

With the PAPI being the only method of collecting data, before online surveys, researchers did face a lot of problems even though they got accurate answers. The major issues faced during the time of PAPI were, survey presentation, response rates, survey costs, structuring if questions, reaching global audience etc. The method of PAPI was primarily not feasible.

When consumer information became the most important factor of business, online surveys emerged through digitization and also as the internet became super popular. Companies came to realize that online surveys didn’t produce waste, reduced the cost of gathering information, was much easier to validate, and provided more and better information than most traditional methods. And this is what businesses were looking for.

But talking about programming surveys, companies faced difficulties in programming surveys. One had to hire a technical team to get a survey programmed, and also they faced problems like respondent identity, response rates, question complexity, etc. With all this passing by, came the era of DIY platforms into the industry.

DIY online survey platforms came to be one of the most feasible and cost-effective ways for online surveys and data collection. Companies started rejoicing about the fact that DIY survey programming was of low costs, were automated, and gave real-time access, consumed less time, was very convenient for respondents, had design flexibility and many more. This process did not require an individually dedicated tech team, but the researchers themselves could create surveys according to their desires.

What is even cooler apart from just DIY platforms was the concept of Advanced DIY Insights tool. Of course, this concept is one of the most successfully growing in the industry. What do we mean by Advanced DIY Insights tool? This means that one can program his survey on a whole new level. How? With the advanced logic, you can insert images and videos into your surveys, customize your surveys according to your brand and logo, integrate surveys into your app or website via SDK/API, and style your surveys for your respondents and many more! With this, your business has no excuse for not surveying your customers.

Now, talking about the future of DIY Online surveys, change is happening in this industry faster than at any other time in history. And with this, companies are trying to increase the efficiency of their outreach. With the bizarre growth of the internet and mobile usage, online surveys are quick, easily accessible and offer undeniably powerful insights. These tools are leading to better virtual communications, and researchers are going to be saving on time and cost and will be having access to unique and mass populations which in turn leads to mass communication.

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