Everyone wonders how online surveys became a thing. But here is the thing- All of us love answering questions. And the fact that companies truly value our opinions, online surveys are probably the best way to do it. In the modern world, it has become imperative to make the entire processes smarter and leaner. Right from programming a survey to sample feasibility, costing, launching and real-time insights – everything can be completed within minutes. Welcome to the smart world of DIY insights tool, Whizz Surveys, your online survey genie.

If you are wondering why we call ourselves your genie, then here it is. From creating a survey to collecting insights and from cost-effective plans to sample feasibility, Whizz Surveys has it all for you. We assist with all the steps of an online survey. And all this, you can do at a very low cost. Create a survey and launch it, with customizing it as per your desires. Connect with millions of customers and get instant real-time insights.

Whizz Surveys has another amazing feature which is SDK/API integration. By integrating the SDK/API, you can launch surveys on your website or mobile app and to top that, you can connect with your target customers. What can be cooler than targeting those people who you
specifically want answers from?

But stop worrying if you do not have a target audience of your own. Whizz Surveys is here to help you with that too. We have an integrated panel with 2.2 million + registered panelists who are waiting to give you feedback. We started our mission to empower researchers with powerful insights not too long ago, and now we have completed over 1,72,000 surveys in India in just a short period of eight months. And all the insights you get from customers can be downloaded into a meaningful form of data. The key differentiator of Whizz Surveys, among others is that we have an innovative micro-survey approach and also the provision for sharing links to your survey that are programmed on other platforms.

The zenith of our platform, currently, is that we have the option to insert images and videos into the survey questions apart from the 12 question types and eight survey logics you can choose from. Style and customize your surveys according to your desires which includes branding your survey according to your website.

Stop dreaming and start doing! Join Whizz Surveys now, so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to use our platform for free for SIX months and also the offer to launch and get 50 survey completes, absolutely for free.