Market Research is vast. And to get going right, you ideally had to spend a million dollars on focus groups, interviews, ad testing, concept testing and the list goes on…. But let’s look at this recent super cool invention of online surveys. We are sure you have an idea of what we are talking about. Online surveying is one of the greatest ways to beat the competition in the market research industry today. They are not only cost-effective but also provide a decent return on investment.

One of such platforms is Whizz Surveys. Using our platform can be beneficial to startups in many ways. Our platform is a great way to reach customers and engage with them. There are a lot more benefits of which, now we will talk about, in detail:

Cost-effective: Online surveys is a way you can significantly reduce your research cost. But with Whizz Surveys, you are getting 200 completes for free. Not only is no money spent on pen and paper or telephonic interviews, but you also aren’t paying anything till you finish getting 200 completes.

Fast: Before, research was a process that took months to complete. But with the invention of online surveys, it can be done within a few hours. With our online survey platform, you can create online surveys at ease and launch them within minutes.

More accurate: Back then, getting all the results on one table was such a hassle. Now, collecting results that too in hardly any time, is a like a piece of cake. And we help in getting accurate results, nothing like it, right?

Quick and easier to analyze: Online survey platforms l have made it so easy to download survey results that you can download and view anytime, anywhere. Not only, but it is easy to analyze because of all your results in one proper place with the fitting information.

Participants can answer effortlessly: Once you have created and launched your surveys, it takes no time to distribute them to your audience, and all your respondents have got to do is to open the survey and complete it. Bingo! Survey completed within minutes.

Online surveys are easy to style: With the various features we offer to you, you can choose from 12 different question types, various survey logics and themes, insert images and videos into your surveys and also brand your surveys by adding your logo to them.

More selective: With using online surveys for your market research, you can always be selective about your respondents like their demography, gender, age, etc. And the eminent part of our platform is that you can also classify your audience according to the SEC Segmentation as we have pre-loaded SEC classified questions.

Responses are more honest: With online surveys becoming the thing amongst people, everyone loves answering questions, and they automatically tend to give honest answers. So you’re at an advantage. Because you need not worry about the originality of responses.

Now, are we forgetting the most important part of how online surveys will be a huge benefit for all the startups?

The actual best part about all of this? It is all based on machine learning. Yes, this means you hardly got any work to do. Your machine is your new human because it is going to help you set up the survey just the way you want, so you need not worry about not being tech-savvy. This is no more the generation to worry with the birth of AI. And Whizz Surveys does exactly what you ask for in terms of DIY online survey programming.

Ok, let’s talk about the real deal now.

Whizz Surveys is an online survey platform where you can create surveys at ease in minutes, check sample feasibility and get instant real-time insights. We have this amazing package just for all the startups. By joining our platform, you get 200 competes for free! With all the benefits that we spoke about, this an added benefit. But wait, you would not want to wait too long because this offer has validity!

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