Are you looking for some of the matchless features for survey programming? This is the place where you’ll discover top features for your online surveys.

We wouldn’t hesitate to call our features incomparable. Let’s take a walk through our features.

– Additional Users Available: With the different plans we have for you, you can choose to have a single user login or 3 user login or 5 user login option
– Question Types: Choose from 12 different question types and create your survey according to your desire
– Export Data: You can export data via excel whenever you wish to from wherever you are
– Questions Per Survey: Create a survey with up to 30 questions using our platform
– Unlimited Responses: There is no bar to getting responses from a survey. Get unlimited feedback
– Access to Responses: Get your responses via website, social media or emails
– Advanced Type Questions: Insert images and videos into your surveys and make them more engaging
– Customize the Survey Page: Choose any theme from the six different themes, insert your brand logo, script your surveys accordingly and also add your domain name to the survey
– Pop-ups: We have made the option of pop-up surveys online which is just a click away for customers to access the surveys
– Survey Protection: Protect your surveys with passwords, if you must keep it confidential
– Availability: Available on all platforms- iOS, Android, Mobile Website, Online, Blackberry, Windows Phone

We discussed the features. But, you must be wondering what solutions Whizz Surveys has to offer to you all.

Companies rely on market research to develop, evaluate and test their products. Whizz Surveys helps in building engagement around the latest strategies, insights, and inspirations. We’ll help you achieve your marketing goals, by delivering outstanding surveys and engagement with over millions of registered customers globally.

We have three moving solutions to help you with your market research.

DIY Survey Programming Tool
Whizz Surveys is a robust DIY Insights tool to address research problems in survey programming and online data collections. We follow the ‘create-connect-conduct-collect’ formula to help make it easier and hassle-free for you. DIY says it all. Create your surveys for which we will provide all technical support that is required. This could include how your survey needs to look, the type of questions you prefer in your survey, uploading surveys and also choosing your panelists.

Online Data Collection
Collect online data through built-in panels and from your own customers too. Collect data from surveys in just a snap! There is no need to wait for exporting data; you could do it as soon as a customer completes a survey. And all this without any hindrances and intrusions. All data will only be accessible by you and password protected if you wish to.

Real-time Insights
This is the most compelling factor of Whizz Surveys. By real-time insights we mean instant feedback. When a customer is attending a live survey, we give you the option of accessing the live feedback given to each question by them. This procedure of instant feedback is completely non-intrusive. Don’t miss a chance to advance with instant real-time insights.