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Types of questions:-

  • Single response
  • Multiple response
  • Open End
  • Star Rating
  • Number Rating
  • Matrix Rating
  • Ranking
  • Date/Time
  • Dropdown
  • Matrix scale
  • SEC questions + Quotas
  • Screener questions preloaded

Dashboard > Click Create Survey > Add survey details > Add form and Start creating questions and logic based on your requirement > Launch the survey

Our platform is simple, quick with easy navigation where you can get your survey ready for launch in just a few minutes!

You can find all the survey filters (Active, Paused, Closed and Draft, All surveys and Submitted) in the dashboard.

You can see the survey progress in the dashboard. Also you can see detailed report of a survey under Menu > Reports > Survey Reports. If you click on Menu and select Statistic – you can find the survey results with frequencies and charts.

Click on Menu >Statistics to see the Overview, Frequencies and Charts for each survey.

Dashboard > Action- click the “Download” icon to download data file in excel format (Both code and label). Also you can download the data file in Survey reports from Reports > Menu.

You can track this under Menu > Reports > Billing Reports