Yes! Do It Yourself. It is as easy as it sounds. But it is any day difficult to follow procedures to create a survey especially being a non-techie, and have it distributed to customers. But wouldn’t it be easy if you could do all this by yourself? This would include how your survey needs to look on the outside, creating your questions, type of questionnaires, uploading surveys, choosing your audience, and at the end downloading instant data without any hassles.

Well, if you are wondering where to approach for a DIY tool, then here we are. Whizz Surveys! Whizz Surveys is an online survey software tool created to address all research problem in survey programming. A robust DIY to help program surveys. Integrate your website/app through our API/ SDK platform and establish a close connection with your customers. If you wish to you can also reach to 2.2 million + registered customers with Whizz Surveys, who are waiting to give their feedback. Get instant real-time insights, what we call “Smart Insights”, with Whizz Surveys and download them into a meaningful data format.

Now, let’s talk about our list of a few actions which help you define the interaction between you and your customers:

Brand Evaluation: With Whizz Surveys, perform objective evaluations of your brands that allows you to view it as a potential investor would, and also help you with the opportunity to correct any problems you might find.

Customer Feedback: Collecting and acting upon feedback is a must for any business and at Whizz Surveys, creating surveys and reaching out to millions of customers is like a piece of cake. You can conduct feedback surveys starting INR 5 only!

Ad Testing: Advertising costs are an expensive component of marketing, and hence testing it can help you avoid costly mistakes. Also understanding the various types of information and how to utilize them can be intimidating. But this could be eased out with Whizz Surveys where you can test a lot of advertisements and collect instant insights.

Concept Testing: Concept testing is a valuable step to identify perceptions, wants and needs to be associated with a product or service. With Whizz Surveys get big ideas right, with saving a lot of time and money, also identify, assess and position your product/ brand better.

We are sure now that you’d be looking for our plans and pricing. Improve your business at a low cost, with our Whizz Surveys platform. We have a promotional offer for six months where you get to try out survey panel for absolutely free. However, after the six months of free trial, you can choose any one of the three plans we have made available to you. The Basic plan offers you a single user, ten question types, six survey logics, statistics and analysis, data exporting, survey themes, etc. The Pro plan offers 3+ user login, twelve question types, eight survey logics, statistics and analysis, data exporting, survey themes, etc. The Enterprise plan offers 5+ user login, and the rest, the same as of Pro.

So stop the wait and join Whizz Surveys where you can create surveys, connect with over 2.2 million registered customers, conduct surveys according to your requirements and comfort levels, and collect instant real-time insights, all at one single platform!