The idea about designing and creating surveys and presenting it in a fancy way became a trend about ten years ago. The reason it became a trend is that researchers wanted to attract more respondents and also get an increased engagement in their surveys.

The type of questions researchers ask in their surveys have a huge impact on how the respondents would answer. And with the use of non-standard question types, there has been a great deal of improvement not only in the responses but also in attracting new respondents. Inserting media into your surveys can be a critical tool for your market research surveys.

Here, at Whizz Surveys, we have introduced audio, video and image insertion into your surveys. By this, give your audiences a visual experience and pre-test your ads and concepts. Who wouldn’t agree to the fact that pre-testing saves the day! Also, talking about this is an utter advantage; this helps in extensive coverage, holds larger segments of information, has better goals of delivery, and a lot more. But the most important point of testing ads and concepts is that it would increase your brand’s effectiveness by a minimum of 20%. And it is also said that it influences the profit four times more.

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