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Who we are

Whizz Surveys is an online survey software tool that addresses all your research problems in survey programming and online data collection. It is a robust DIY tool that helps even a non-techie to program surveys with ease. We know what you’ll look for next!

The hassle-free process of this online survey software tool to integrate your website/app through API or SDK helps you establish a closer connection with your customers. In case,  you wish to reach out to a broader audience, 2.2 Million+ consumers are waiting to give their feedback, which could be downloaded into a meaningful data format giving insights in no-time! The innovative micro-survey approach and the provision for sharing the link to your survey, programmed in other platforms act as one of the key differentiators, among others. To upbeat, our costs are highly competitive coupled with 24*7 supports.

A subsidiary of Markelytics Solutions, which in turn is a part of Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed Cross Marketing Inc., Whizz Surveys holds enormous brand credibility unlike many others and hence the one thing expected from it, above all, is ‘trust’ and ‘transparency’.

  • Best SDK & API
  • Multiple versions to suit your need while programming your survey
  • 12 essential question types available
  • Export data
  • Six different survey templates / themes
  • Advanced Survey Logic
  • Advanced type questions (Image & Video insertion)
  • Offer real – time results
  • Import data from surveys
  • Mobile and Desktop version also available