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About Us

Smart Insights DIY Tool

Whizz Surveys is an online survey, data collection platform that aims to empower our clients in their decision making process. By combining flexible, friendly intuitive software, Whizz Surveys has perfect tools for you and your team.


How Different are we from the others

Real-time reports

Create surveys without any complicated procedure, connect to your audience, and get exceptional insights from customer feedback to market research in real-time insights at scale.

Advanced technology

Be it simple or sophisticated, create your own survey without the hassle of programming by using our smarts insights tool and get impactful insights to grow your business.

Question types options

We offer one-of-a-kind question types - Auto code answer options, inclusion of SEC (India) question, Interlocking quotas for targeting purpose and creation of quotas for each question.

Early milestone

We started our mission to empower researchers with powerful insights not too long ago and now we have completed over 172000 surveys in India in just a short period of eight months.

Service Specificity

If you have problems, we have solutions for you

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10 Question types

8 Logics

Whizz Surveys Panel

50 Responses/survey

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6 Question Types

2 Logics

Survey Overview with Frequencies & Charts

100 Responses/Survey

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10 Question types

6 Logics

Survey Overview with Frequencies & Charts

Unlimited Responses

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12 Question types

8 Logics

Unlimited Surveys/month

Unlimited Responses/survey

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Case Studies

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The evaluation of Ads to understand the brand presence among the mobile panellists.
To understand the e-commerce apps used to purchase products online.
The evaluations of the usage of credit cards among the mobile panellists.
To gather insights on the apps used for booking flight tickets & comparing prices online.


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